Mission & Vision


Few and Far is on a mission to create a community-first DeFi NFT marketplace built on NEAR Protocol, where a strong community of global NFT enthusiasts can own, create and collect scarce digital assets with little to no barrier to entry.
Here's the challenge...
  1. 1.
    There are already multiple NFT marketplaces built on NEAR, most of which do not enable users the ability to create and mint a wide range of collectibles
  2. 2.
    The NFT marketplaces do not take advantage of a suite of DeFi solutions which are available on other leading layer-1 protocols (ex. Ethereum and Solana) such as staking, rewards, and liquidity providing
  3. 3.
    These platforms do not incentivize network usage or prevent churn on the platform needed to create a sustainable community


NFTs are the cornerstone in the evolution of the decoupling of financialization and the blockchain this decade; however, we live in a multi-chain world with an increasing number of non-technical tools for minting processes. The parabolic growth in the creation and ownership of these digital assets and the growing number layer-1 blockchains makes it increasingly difficult to grow and capture creators, collectors and traders on NEAR.
Our vision is to create a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace which takes full advantage of the suite of tools available in DeFi in order to build gateway to a world of abundant creativity on NEAR Protocol.